Partners and Advisors

Ongoing research and development in collaboration with The University of Guelph and the ICE Lab, NSERC and MITACS

Letter from the President

Thank you for your interest in Eagle Vision Systems CartSeeker.
CartSeeker has been developed with leading edge technology utilizing Artificial Intelligence.  Our ground-breaking work has propelled the use of AI in Waste Collection.  We are pleased to have developed a system with a high degree of accuracy in cart collection through the support of partnering municipalities.
As we continue to expand in Canada and the U.S., we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs and work together to provide you with a system that will both increase productivity and reduce equipment wear.
Waste collection has long been a strenuous environment for operators who after a length of time may develop injuries resulting from repetitive motion. The CartSeeker system eliminates the need for joystick manipulation which is replaced with a toggle or GO switch.  New employee training times are reduced, and retention of employees is increased.
Distance and alignment to carts can at times be difficult to judge for the operator.  With the use of our system, the arm extends to the required distance and indicates that the cart is in alignment.  This assures that the arm successfully grabs the cart, dumps, and returns it to the curb.  The system is designed to recognize only carts and avoid all other objects. 
With CartSeeker’s smooth handling and precision AI cart detection; pick up times improve which results in cost savings for our customers.
We welcome you in joining our existing customers and look forward to working together to meet your waste collection needs.


Leo Van Kampen