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Eagle Vision Systems is an electronics design and manufacturing company that uses leading edge technology to develop motion control solutions.

We have designed and manufactured for the mobile hydraulics industry since 2001. Our product designs are currently used on crane trucks, concrete trucks, gravel trucks, slip form vehicles, and more.

We offer standard products that can be private labeled, and custom designed products for your specific needs.

Vision860Vision Systems

Mobile vision and recognition system that provides positive match indication on a monitor with the position information in 3 dimensional space. The position information is transmitted via CAN to be used by any controller for automated retrieval or information stamping.Hydraulic controller

Hydraulic controllers

Hydraulic controllers have powerful microcontrollers with large memory and responsive IO. They are designed to operate in mobile hydraulics environments on current controller systems with additional high speed frequency and analog inputs to also operate as motor control and positioning closed loop controllers.

Sensor 447


Long range ultrasonic sensors can measure from 0 to 144 inches of displacement without any connections to any hydraulic or motor systems. They are robust against any vibration or ambient noise, and have a fast response to position movement. They can easily be mounted to existing or new extending arm structures.